Thursday, March 5, 2015

Piecing ...

The dining area is in quilting mode. The sewing machine rests at one end of the table and the cutting mat and ironing pad are nearby, to be put in place readily. I've been managing one square per day, early in the morning hours. It's a nice way to get things going. 30 squares are done, 18 to go. I picked out a fabric for tying them all together last weekend (from North Country Quilters -- check out their fabulous new website!). It's a limey-minty green, all bright and cheerful. All together I think it's going to be a happy quilt.

It occurred to me the other day that this will make 4 quilt tops that need quilting and if things continue like this it may be cheaper in the long run to buy a quilting machine vs. sending them out to be quilted! Perhaps that's wishful thinking. OK, that's good.

That's about the extent of things craft-wise these days except for an occasional sit-down with the pheasant needlepoint. It's "go slow" till I finish the quilt top. That's OK because when the weather gets warmer (oh yes, it will) I love to sit out on the stoop with my needlepoint early in the day, soaking in some vitamin D. I'm careful about it though; don't want to damage any cells in the process. I start with very short sit downs and extend a little at a time but never more than 15 minutes in the direct sun--morning sun. I've taken some flack over this, but I think it's important to get sunlight and I do notice the mood enhancement when I do. Done carefully I think it's OK.

Critters are doing their critter business 'round about lately. Yesterday I spotted a mink (that's the consensus) and the familiar squirrel who visits the bird feeder. The mink was seal-hopping across the snowy expanse of my front lawn and the squirrel was perched on the stub of a limb out back. I think the presence of a mink gives me the right to describe my place as "posh"! ;) Cutest darn things they are!

Practicing my fingers off getting ready for the upcoming concert on the 15th. We found out last night that the concert will begin with a 15 minute divertimento for 2 clarinets and bassoon, followed by the Schubert Symphony. Beethoven will be played after intermission. We enjoyed the company of trumpets and timpani for the first time last evening and it was thrilling.

In my practicing I've realized that if I can't play something fast I can't really play it, ditto if I can't play it slow. Mastery means exactly that! I do remember reading once that the difficulty with learning an instrument is that you need to learn it all at once but you can't learn it all at once, so it's an incremental struggle. But in my experience I've discovered the hard work is very, very much worth it. No question.

Oh! And I bought an exercise bike. I'll write about that later!


  1. Great to see more lovely log cabin squares. An exercise bike.......way to go! Still snowshoeing here... ;). All the best with your concert. Wish we could be there..... ;)

    1. jak, it would be absolutely lovely to have you here too, but understood. Yes! An exercise bike. The one time in the past decade when I consistently took exercise was when I had a bike in my apartment in NY. I used it every other day for a year and really trimmed down quite a bit. So I'm slowing getting into a routine with my new one. Much needed. Enjoy the snowshoes! And thanks for the well wishes.


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