Friday, March 13, 2015

Second thoughts ...

... are going through my mind vis-a-vis the log cabin squares. In particular, I've changed my mind about bordering each square in the bright green fabric. It's not that I don't like the look--I do, but here's why it's not going to happen...

If I spread the squares out on a background of green there will need to be some design involved to make the overall quilt interesting and--especially: cohesive. Seeing, though, that I'm working with scraps I can't plan to have x or y number of squares with such-and-such color elements because I'm limited by the scraps. Randomly placed random squares on a singular background isn't going to pull together in my opinion.

So I'm ditching the background but I'll use that gorgeous bright green for at least one of the outside borders. Instead, I'll simply attach the squares to each other as they are. That will really look random and right and could be quite a blaze of color and line.

I laid out what I had the other night and it looks pretty exciting this way I think. As of this afternoon there are 41 squares made. Seven more to go. Won't be long now!

Concert is Sunday and I'm super duper excited. Rehearsal Wednesday evening was a blast. I think it's going to be pretty good. :)

Temps reached near 50 degrees this week and took quite a bit of snow away. I'm ready. As usual I love the seasons as they come and I'm usually ready when they decide to go. Spring will be lovely, won't it? Oh yes.

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