Friday, June 5, 2015

A new project ...

Yes, continuing on the quilt craze, I've decided to make what's called a "watercolor quilt". As the term implies, it's a technique for piecing in a way which creates broad washes of color. The first step is to cut lots and lots and lots of 2" squares of many varieties of fabric. There are a few rules to help in the selection of fabric, one being that it should contain strong contrast of color, two: not have a small repeat, three: not be a solid, and possibly a few more clues to help in selection.

When the squares are all cut out the task will be to sort them by value--not by color--into dark darks, medium darks, medium lights, and light lights. When that is all done then I can focus on a design and use my palette of 2" squares as an artist might use a brush and paint. I'm hoping for the best.

I was able to get some cutting in a few days this week. Since the squares are 2"x2" it's going to take a lot of them to make a quilt.

The garden and the yard has been a major preoccupation for the past few weeks. I feel my vision is taking shape and I'm quite pleased with the way it's coming together. Pretty much what I had in mind, at least as regards the smaller stuff. The bigger stuff (deck, driveway repair, drainage work, etc.), well, that has to wait a bit.

In other news, June and July are turning out to be filled with musical activity. I signed up for a 4-day chamber music seminar in the neighboring town of Lebanon, and we meet for the first time next Thursday for 3 hours. I have received the music I was assigned--a cello duet by a composer named JB de BoisMortier from around 1737. It's lovely and I'm excited about playing a duet with a fellow cellist from the orchestra. The following week we'll meet for 3 hours on Friday, ditto Saturday, and on Sunday we'll appear in a small recital. We'll be coached by the cello teacher at the UVMC.

Starting next Wednesday is a 6-week summer orchestra season and I'm signed up for that as well. It will be lead by a guest conductor and the program will feature lighter fare; a "Pops" type of affair. Should be fun! The concert will be July 19.

Finally, I'll be in my teacher's student recital in Brooklyn the last Saturday of June. The date is perfect as it means I'll in NY for the big Pride Parade on Sunday. I haven't marched in it since I moved up here and it will be nice to reconnect. Lot's of fun, celebration, and excitement!

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  1. Well, Bernard, lots of new, creative challenges to stretch your bountiful talents. All the best with all of them. Can almost hear that beautiful music coming all the way to SWON........ ;). That's a lot of two inch squares!!!! Have fun painting yourself a quilt..... ;)


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