Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A weekend to remember ...

I left for NYC Friday, in the early afternoon; on the bus. Made my way from 42nd St. to Greenpoint and spent the night at my friend's apartment. He was kind enough to lend us one of his two electric keyboards for our recital Saturday afternoon and I packed it and my cello into a hired car and headed over to Windsor Terrace, for the church where we'd be holding the recital. We were allowed use of the hall and it was a very nice space, complete with raised stage, lights, etc.

I quickly ran through portions of my piece with the pianist for the first time, as did a few of the other students who were playing with piano accompaniment. It was a nice ice-breaker and helped shake off a few nerves. When everyone had arrived, we ran through a group piece a few times and deemed it suitable to play at the end of the recital.

I was the next to last student to play so I had plenty of time to experience butterflies, and practice centering. It went well and I am happy about that. Might even have video to share next week some time. :)

Back in Greenpoint I celebrated at my favorite Thai restaurant, then spent another lovely evening visiting with my friend. He is a composer, pianist, accordionist, organist, and gay--like myself, so there is never a loss of topic for conversation.

Sunday was a very special day. I left the apartment early and got to our staging block before the commotion began. Equipped with my camera and video recorder, I was set to capture the day for posterity.

The Supreme Court decision which came down Friday was cause for celebration, and there was no lack of jubilation in the streets on Sunday! Oh what a joyous occasion. What a long road it's been from Stonewall (1969) to today. There were definite moments of emotion at the March. As always, turning on to 5th Avenue causes a welling up, as does passing in front of The Stonewall Inn where it all began. There were other moments as well, during the parade, at the realization that the roaring crowds are cheering the end of an oppression. It is overwhelming and very fine indeed.

A day at work yesterday and back home today. I'm thrilled to be able to partake of these events in the big city and then return to a place where it's a bit quieter. :) Without further ado, here's my 6 hour Sunday experience condensed into 9 minutes. Following my video is another video about the March that I really like, so there it is too! It was a very special day indeed! :)

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