Saturday, June 20, 2015

Space perception ...

I became aware, this week, of the way I perceive the space around me ...

When I first arrived here (or more accurately, return here after a 35 year sojourn in NYC) the edge of the front lawn seemed a field away! It felt very far from the house, and removed; on the edge of safety. The lady slipper appeared up near the stone wall woods--which location seemed very remote from the house! I noticed the other day, however, that the lawn no longer seems an expanse, and that even at it's furthest reaches it's still just the edge of the front lawn--practically part of the house! And the lady slipper made it's appearance in an area which is becoming part of my garden.

It fascinated me, this observation, and it makes sense. In NY one's space is very confined and it is rare to even have a back yard as I was very fortunate to enjoy. Even with a backyard, one's space barely reaches a hairs breadth beyond one's nose! It makes sense that when I first got here the edge of the lawn would seem far from the house, but it makes me chuckle because I can now see that it's not very far, and my lawn is not that expansive. HeeHee. My sense of space has changed for moving out of the dense city.

It's good.

An intense few days of chamber music festival (the inaugural season of the Hanover Street Chamber Music Festival). We rehearsed last night from 6:30 to 9:00, with a break, of course. We reconvened this morning at 10:30 (10:15 or so for those of us who wanted to partake of coffee and donuts--yes, please!) for another hour and ten minutes followed by a break for pot-luck lunch--ever so yummy!--followed by another hour and ten minutes. Whew! It takes me about 50 minutes to get to the school from here so last night I stayed over at my cousin's house. She lives just down the street from the school.

It's been absolutely grand. I'm in a duet, playing with another cellist, and we have enjoyed coaching from 2 instructors at the music school. They are both wonderful teachers and I'm learning a whole lot. I love the music we're playing: Early baroque; it's a great pleasure.

Tomorrow we have a dress rehearsal at 12:30 and a recital at 2:30.



  1. Trust all will go well for you, Bernard, with your music making. Glad to hear you are enjoying these experiences so much!
    I can relate to your comments re spacial perceptions. We were looking at apartments a few weeks ago. We then returned to our almost seven acres and 12 room century plus stone house. Sure messes with one's head!!!!

    1. Wow, jak. I didn't know: 12 rooms! Sounds ever so lovely!


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