Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A new loom ...

Tools of the Trade, 8 shafts, 10 treddles, 27" width. And it's mine.

I received a message from a high school classmate last week saying he was wrapping up the estate of an elderly man whose deceased wife was a fiber artist. She had 5-6 looms, as many spinning wheels, and a lot of yarn; much of which has spent too many days visited by mice and moths, which is a bit sad because there was so much of it. My friend was asked to see if he could unload them. "Sure, I'd love to see them, maybe I'll be interested in one (or more?)," was my response. So I went over and found two 39" 4-shaft LeClerc's, a 27" Tools of The Trade 8-shaft, a 6-shaft Macomber rug loom, and 2 or 3 smaller looms that were wanted by family. Most of the wheels, including one great wheel, needed repair of one sort or another. I don't need another wheel. What with my great wheel, my castle wheel, and my flax wheel I'd say I'm reasonably well equipped.

I have wanted an 8-shaft loom for as long as I've had my 4-shaft Herald loom, so when I saw the Tools of The Trade, I knew almost immediately that, yes, I would love to have that loom. A little elbow grease would remove the mouse stains and it would clean up nicely, quite sure.

My understanding is Tools of The Trade was a one-man operation in Fairhaven, VT. He is no longer in business, and from what I can gather, his looms are sought after and desirable. It's a lovely loom, nice size (not too big), well made. My research gave me an idea of what to offer and it was accepted.

The loom is now--for now--between my living area and dining area in the main room of my downstairs. I will need to consider carefully where it's permanent location might be, and I think any plan for rearrangement of furniture will have to include getting rid of something(s). There comes a point where, after bringing this and that into the home, the walls start to bulge and the only solutions are 1) buy a bigger house, or 2) unload something! Number 1 is not an option.

Oh. But I now have an 8-shaft loom. I cleaned it up this afternoon. :)

One of my favorite views of the flower beds, taken yesterday before the rain:

I was just now reminded by a commotion on my new deck that I had left a partial bag of bird seed on the swing this afternoon. Plan was to bring it inside after I finished something else--which I cannot remember--and obviously didn't remember the seed as well! It is now in the possession of a lucky black bear. They've been around a lot this year.

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