Sunday, July 24, 2016

Orchestra Summer Concert ...

When the winter season came to a close with our concert back in March (or was it April!?), a plea was made by the conductor looking for volunteers to take over some of the tasks of running the orchestra. Hence, I joined the executive committee and offered up my experience with graphic arts and made myself available to help with promoting the orchestra. We've been meeting every other week since then, discussing ways to grow the orchestra, acquire some name recognition, and lure people to our concerts. I was promptly set to making a membership drive poster in an effort to attract more instrumentalists.

Summer orchestra rehearsals began 5 weeks ago with the same guest conductor we had last summer. The music we are playing is fun, beautiful, and exciting. Handel (Oh, how I love his music.), Bizet, Rossini, and Sibelius. Selections from The Water Music, Intermezzo from l'Arlesienne Suite, No. 2, Barber of Seville Overture, and Valse Triste. A relatively short, pleasant, satisfying, summer concert. The concert is next Sunday. We have our final rehearsal Wednesday and will have a pre-concert warm up to review a few sections.

In my new capacity doing promotional material, I designed a poster. The background image is my back yard! :)

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