Saturday, August 20, 2016

Conclusions ...

There have been a number of conclusions recently. The table runner is done. The boys from NYC have gone home. Both big projects have come and gone. Both were wonderful experiences, both had their challenges (in a good way, of course), both were rewarding, and I hope I've grown from both.

I was able to weave while the boys were here, and I'm especially pleased the runner was finished during their stay so they could see the fruits of my efforts. The process definitely piqued the interest of one young man. You may recall the challenges I had setting up the warp: One bout ruined, and the discovery that I had not correctly calculated the number of heddles required (not to mention what that did to my estimated width). But the project was saved and the actual weaving went pretty smoothly--only one broken warp during the weave. Broken warps are no big deal and quite easy to accommodate, as long as there aren't a ton of them.

The final challenge on this project arose during the finishing stage. As I soaked it in a hot Eucalan bath, I noticed the red was starting to bleed! This thread was given me, and not knowing it's age or history it would have behooved me to test it for fastness beforehand. Live and learn! I drew it out of the water immediately to halt the bleeding process. The consequences are not bad, the bleeding did not get intense enough to make a mess. In fact, I rather like the result as it makes the piece look a little bit antiquated! Very pleased with his table scarf:

This morning--after much perusing of drafts, surfing of www, and thumbing through books--I decided on an 8-shaft project for my new loom. I will weave some kitchen towels in a 2 block, broken twill. Details soon.

Will report on the boy's 9-day visit in a separate post.


  1. Aaaahhhhhh......! What a beauty! Certainly worth all the challenges and learning to get to the finished runner..... ;)

  2. You are so good at your crafts! This runner is absolutely beautiful.
    Also, looking forward to reading your post on the visit of the boys. They must have loved being in NH!

    1. Thanks, crafty1 (great to hear from you!). Yes, I think the boys liked it here. Got positive feedback from one of the mothers after they'd returned to NY. :)


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