Sunday, August 28, 2016

Towels progress ...

Weaving is underway and is, in my humble opinion, looking pretty good! I am working very hard not to fuss with selvedges: There is a way to get into the zen of it and I'm making progress. It's going much better now than any time previously. And... my selvedges look better! I warped long enough to make six towels and I'm think of experimenting with color on a few of them. Perhaps I will substitute yellow for white weft in the next towel, perhaps.

The yellow dot is the head of a pin which I insert into the last row of color when I'm done. It let's me know where to start when I come back to the loom. I also have an orange headed pin. The yellow pin signifies that the pinned row was block 2, and the orange pin signifies block 1. When I return to the loom I will see that I finished with block 2 and will know to start treddling at block 1.

On the music front: We have learned that our winter program will include Beethoven's Eighth Symphony and Brahm's Variations on a Theme by Haydn. We've got our work cut out for us! I already have the music and there is much woodshedding to do! It should be a great program. Already have the kernel of an idea for the poster.


  1. A Master Weaver in the making, Bernard...... ;). Better than "pretty good". These are going to be wonderful!
    I'll give your two musical pieces a listen, for sure. "Wood shedding".......perhaps a New England term new to me???!!!??? ;)

    1. Ah... I meant to reply to this last week, jak! "wood shedding" -- a term I never heard until I joined this orchestra, but apparently is somewhat New England: Our conductor played Bass in the Boston Symphony and he uses it a lot. It means taking difficult passages, breaking them down, and repeating them A LOT... i.e. taking your instrument out to the wood shed where no one will hear, and going over and over the difficult parts. :)

  2. Thanks for this Bernard. How appropriate a term! As one who has spent many hours alone in a woodshed, chopping wood, I might add, the term makes perfect sense. ;). Perhaps I will have a chance to use the word and introduce it here in SW ON..... ;)


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