Monday, August 8, 2016

Progress ... and Happenings ...

I am making progress on the table runner. I forgot how good it feels to sit and throw the shuttle, beat the weft, and treddle the heddles. Weaving, like spinning (and knitting, and making quilts) is one of those essential life arts that, being entirely pragmatic and utilitarian, are at the same time very artistic and full of deep meaning. Such very wholesome arts; sad to think that not too many people get to indulge in them. The victory of commercialism over meaning. Sure, it takes longer to make something oneself, but that's entirely not the point. When one weaves a beautiful table scarf, or knits a gorgeous shawl, or pieces an intricate quilt, or spins a fine thread, one gains not solely the finished object. The soul is nourished, the deeper meaning of life--raison d'etre--is fulfilled. To create!

The table runner is coming along nicely. I'm happy with my choice of color, and 22 ends per inch was a good decision.

There is excitement in the air tonight! Tomorrow afternoon I will drive down to Concord to pick up 2 boys from NYC whom I will be hosting for 10 days on The Fresh Air Fund. I applied to be a host last summer, albeit it was late. I was visited, interviewed, vetted, and accepted. Even though it was late, they matched me to a young boy, but at the last minute--the day before the bus was due to leave New York--the mother cancelled. Alas, not meant to be. This year they matched me to two boys (12 and 13, unrelated to each other).

I am very much looking forward to showing them the beautiful natural surroundings here. The White Mountains will figure in our week of adventure, a climb up one of the less strenuous peaks, some hikes if they are up for it. If they are interested, I can teach them about several different crafts--not only those I enjoy, but those of my friends and acquaintances whose classes I have taken. We'll have a party Saturday evening (I hope the weather is good!). I'll drive them back to Concord on the 18th where the bus to NYC will be waiting for them.


  1. That's it! You hit the nail squarely on the head re your comments on art and craft! Wow! Couldn't agree more. Of course, I would include rug hooking.... ;)
    Trusting your fresh air friends left you with lessons learned and a suitcase of wonderful experiences and memories. Happy to be a small part of it. Thanks!

    1. I am so happy we were able to meet up with you, jak. We drove home via Crawford Notch and took in some views of Mt. Washington on the way. Yes! Of course, rug hooking!


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