Sunday, February 6, 2011

Knit-wise... making contact with UFO's

December was holiday knitting. It's over with and so are the large projects of last year. There are a couple sweaters I want to make from patterns I found in a used book store in NH at the beginning of December but these are waiting for me to spin some yarn--Shetland mostly. Love the stuff. I've done a couple experiments and it looks like I'll be spinning a fine single and plying it triplicate.

So just before Christmas I opened the UFO drawer and found a couple lovelies I'd forgotten about. One is a cashmere-silk fisherman's style scarf on small needles (I can't remember! 2's or 3's I think.) which I finished a week or so ago. Mozart was kind enough to model it for me (in front of an appropriately snowy painting by Gary Hamel--my childhood friend of NH). Mozart and I have been spending quite a bit of time together lately, so I asked if he'd oblige. More about that in another post...

It is very light. So light, in fact, that I'm worried it won't hold it's shape in transit, and I may end up knitting a small i-cord border for it. We'll see how it goes once I've worn it for the first time.

Another UFO hovering about since last year is this quite narrow scarf in cotton chenile. Colorful and a little bit unruly to knit, the chenile twists and twists and twists so that I need to take frequent breaks to hold the knitting up by the loose end and let it unwind. Did this on Metro North last Saturday on my way to and from CT and I'm sure it left some people wondering. It appears narrower than it actually is since it's not blocked...

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