Friday, February 11, 2011


The beginning of a ramble which I'll contribute to on and off....

I sit down to practice at the piano and realize the piano isn't going to change. As a well built precision instrument it will do what it has always done, and done well. No. Sitting myself down in front of those 88 keys I come to realize that I have to change.

Learning to play an instrument is a journey of self exploration and inner change, both physical and mental. My universe changes as I practice, sometimes with ease and sometimes cathartically. Mostly the latter. Perhaps this stems from my being an adult student. Maybe. 50-odd years of habit. I've worked through a lot of the habit but realize I have further to go. How many times have I finished practicing and asked myself, "Did I just spend 2 hours being tortured on a rack, or was that really just my piano?" Good teacher, my piano.


  1. Responsive, yet a tough taskmaster! (Mine's a guy, how about yours?)

    Is your piano blue? I'm trying to tell from your picture on the right...

  2. Michele, Funny but I don't usually think of my piano gender-wise, BUT when I do the instrument itself is a she.

    Reminds me of a funny thread on Ravelry in the Rainbow Spinner's group about naming one's spinning wheel (and other tools). I don't do that either.

    The blue instrument you see in my picture is the harpsichord I picked up last fall. It needs a little bit of tech work and hopefully I'll be able to have that done soon.

  3. And let me add... she's a taskmaster but a very gentle one. Never is that feeling of growth a bad one. It's a good torture. :)


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