Monday, February 27, 2012

Fiber wise... a few FOs

Weekend knitting: 2 face cloths. I love the absolute simplicity of this pattern. It's called "Grandmother's Favorite Cloth" and I found it on Ravelry (may also be found here: Grandmother's Favorite ). So easy to knit, no charts needed, and it results in a classic look. I went up to 60 instead of 44 stitches on the size 6 needles I used. I plan to make many of these. The light colored one is cotton/linen from Berroco called "Linsey" and the deep blue is recycled cotton with a bit of acrylic from Lion Brand.

I have wound my first hanks of the pretty blue merino and the lovely red Spinner's Hill. It's about fingering weight.

I got another idea last night while looking through Barbara Walker's A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns (1970, Charles Scribner's Sons), and that idea is mosaic knitting. The first idea was tablet weaving. I must make a choice at some point--who knows, maybe I'll get another idea this week!--mosaic knit or tablet weaving? Hm... If I spin enough yarn maybe I can so some of both. I am most curious to see if the yarn will withstand the rigors of being woven with tablets. There tends to be a certain amount of strain on the yarn during weaving, depending on the design of course. I will set about knitting a mosaic sample right away. I like the look of the design called "Double Medallion".

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