Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Knitting saves the day (night) ...

This happened a few weeks ago. I'm just getting around to writing it down... it's about the inconvenience of modern convenience, and how my knitting turned a frustrating experience into a tolerable one...

I often forget to turn my cell phone off when descending into the subway. The result is usually a drained battery by the time I ascend the station steps into the light of day. Two weeks ago I did just this. I got to work and found my cell phone very low on power. Luckily I remembered to put my charger in the bag. No problem: just plug it in, wait a while and tada, a newly charged cell phone.

The outlets near my desk are all taken. However, the co-worker who used to share my office has moved on, and the outlet next to that desk has some free slots. Easy peasy. So I plug it in and place my phone on the edge of that desk to charge. That desk is behind me when I'm working facing my computer. Out of sight.

Out of mind. And when I left for the evening, I grabbed my bag--made sure the knitting was inside and noted that I'd packed my pen, etc. Stopped by the door to grab my (handknit) hat and scarf, and bundled myself up in my coat. Said the usual good evenings (it's usually around 10 to 11'ish at night when I leave the office) and hailed the elevator. The subway train was relatively quick to arrive and I got to 14th Street in good time. As I recall there wasn't a bad wait for the "L" train to come along either, and it quickly whisked us under the East River to Brooklyn where I got off at the first stop. That's where I wait for the number 62 bus to take me to Greenpoint. Probably 35 minutes had elapsed since I left the office... pretty good.

My mind switched over to the delivery of the rocking chair I was expecting the following day. When I spoke with the seller of the chair he kindly offered to deliver it to my apartment. He said he would call if he was going to be later than the agreed upon time. Momentary good thoughts--something to look forward to. Life is good. The thought of the possible phone call had me instinctively--a semi-conscious action--reach to the pocket where my cell phone... wasn't. Wasn't! Oh no! It was still at the office, on the desk behind me... out of sight, out of mind!

On any other night I would have thought eh, I'll get it tomorrow. But I needed it. The delivery might be late and if I don't answer the phone they might think I'm not available. Oh darn. Darn. Darn. Darn. By now it was past 11pm and I just wanted to be home getting comfortable with a glass of wine. Unfortunately I had no choice: get on the next train back to Manhattan, switch at 14th Street for a downtown train: go all the way back to the office to pick up my modern convenience.

Well, I would have been peeved beyond all, but fortunately I had my knitting in the bag, and the slippers I've been knitting were getting close to done. With another hour or so of being whisked about in the subway I might be able to finish the slippers. And I did finish them that night. Hurray for subway knitting!

I got the slippers sewn together on my trip up to MA this past weekend (that's another post) and I am wearing them as I type this. They are the 2nd pair I knit up and I love them. The pattern is from kriskrafter: Options Slipper Pattern for Men. Great pattern!

Here is the chair. $45 on Craigslist!
The slippers... (Isn't it hard to get a picture of your own feet!):


  1. WOW! Bernard,that's quite the tale. You're a great storyteller :)
    B. would likely agree with you re. the knitting since that's what helped her through last winter and all the trials after I had broken my ankle.
    I agree with you except for me it wouldn't be knitting it would be spindle spinning.
    What long hours you work. That is a wonderful chair. You sure received a good price for it. I can picture you in it, knitting, etc...........esp. after a long day at work.
    The slippers do look really cozy. Wool yarn I presume?

  2. Thank you, jak. :) It's always nice to hear from you!

    Yes, the slippers are 100% wool. The yarn is held double so they are nice and thick. I'm getting a sense that they are hard wearing and will last a long time.


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