Friday, February 3, 2012

Music and fiber...

I love discovering new music. Either someone new to the scene, or someone who's been around for a while but somehow I missed. More than once I've asked myself "How could I not have heard about this artist before now!?" A few examples of the latter would be 2 artists I stumbled upon late last year: Nick Drake and Judee Sill. Nick's album Five Leaves Left is just beautiful.

The Kiss by Judee Sill is utterly gorgeous. Matt Alber covers it on his latest album Constant Crows and sings it beautifully.

Sadly, both Nick Drake and Judee Sill died young.

Today I discovered Canadian Country singer Drake Jensen who released his first album On My Way To Find You last year. Last week he came out of the closet with the release a video for the title cut. A video which features his husband. I liked On My Way To Find You so much that I bought the album right away and I'm very glad I did. It's really really good. I don't listen to a whole lot of country music (though I have my favorites) but I will be listening to this album. This song is really nice too: All You Need .

* - * - *

I've started to knit up another pair of slippers because I really need something to knit while I'm travelling on the subway, but other than that I'm up for a spinning breather. I've started in on my Sheep and Wool Festival purchases from last fall. This lovely blue Merino which I've pre-drafted a bit because the top was quite packed in:

All of my current spinning is a bit thinner than my usual. It will all be 3-ply, Navajo style--surprise! ;)

Also this luscious red top from Spinner's Hill:

Bringing closure to the vest (a bit of double entendre there!), here are a couple pics of the button on the vest. I attached the I-cord loop to the inside front instead of the outside. Somehow I think it looks more masculine that way. Go figure! To attach the button, I simply sewed it to another button on the inside of the vest. The inside button is one I made:


  1. I've started to check out some of the singers and songs you've recommended. Don't listen to a lot of country and hadn't heard of Drake Jensen. Bs father grew up in the village where DJs video was shot :)
    Very interesting to see your festival finds spinning up beautifully. Three plying makes perfect sense :)

  2. All my slippers lately have been thrummed, and I refuse to knit those outside the home! Enough bits of fiber trying to escape me...

    I love the blue merino. And navajo plying is the only plying I know so far, with my spindle!

    1. Oooh, thrummed thumbs! I've never done that. Is it hard?

  3. jak, nice little connection to Drake's video shoot. Is that Ottawa?

    1. Close, Vankleek Hill is probably an hour or so away from Ottawa.


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