Thursday, January 26, 2012

Knit wise... the handspun vest... almost completed

Almost completed. All that's left is sewing on this single button and an I-cord loop to secure it:
I spent more on that button than I ever imagined I'd spend for 1 button. But it's Victorian and bird themed. How could I resist?

I just came up from practicing the cello (I practice in the cellar if it's after 7:30 pm... it's a long story... maybe another post) and will sew the button on while enjoying a glass of red to celebrate. (To be honest, I celebrate every evening. And why not!?)

Here is the front and back of the vest before I had all the ends woven in:
And here are the same views with me in it. The pained expression on my face in the frontal view is due to the fact that I'm sucking it in! I wanted to show off the vest to best advantage so those few extra pounds had to tuck themselves in for this one. ;) This vest may be just the motivation I need to do something about those hangers on. (But I won't bank on it! We'll see... summer's coming and that's more motivation.):
This has been a fun and very exciting project.

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