Sunday, January 8, 2012

Knit wise... hand spuns... vest

I saw a pretty vest in the recent issue of Spin Off magazine called "A Color-Block Vest".

As I got to thinking about it, my stash of hand spun yarns got my attention. The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. So I took out several hanks of yarn I've spun over the past few years and laid them out in a pleasing sequence of colors. I'll go for it!

So I knit up this swatch this evening to see if the colors will work in this order. I'll leave it be for a few days to see if I want to rearrange anything. The stripes will be vertical.

It's all my own hand spun and about a third of it is my own dyeing. I like that aspect of it. In fact, my very first hand spun yarn--which I did in class--is in this swatch and will be in the sweater. It feels nice to have found a home for those 70 odd yards at last. It is singles Corriedale and was naturally dyed in our last class. Wouldn't you know I can't remember the dye stuff used! But that's because we didn't prepare the dye baths, the owner of the shop did.... all we had do was plop our skeins in the bath and go sit at the wheels for an hour while the wool soaked up color. Ya know... I think it was Eucalyptus. At any rate it's the "peachy" color (pretty much in the middle of the swatch) between the "Parfait" (the silk/wool which I dyed and spun last summer) and the "Pumpkins" (also silk/wool that I dyed and spun last summer)...

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  1. Colours as fresh as a breath of air on a spring's day, Bernard.
    Will be great to use your handspun up on such a wonderful project.
    Just checked the vest out in the mag.. So many interesting possibilities for a pattern such as that : )


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