Sunday, January 8, 2012

Knit wise... warm fingers!

Just finished this pair of gloves late last week. Given the weather we're having they're desperately needed one day and way over kill the next! I tell ya! 20-something degrees to 60 degrees in 24 hours... how confusing.

I got the pattern from a Paton's pamphlet called "Next Steps Seven, Mittens and Gloves". There are several pretty patterns in the booklet.

I started out making the man's size only to frog after the cuff and go with the ladies size. It fits well.

I can't say the directions in the book are all that great. They are clear and fine up to a point then they get all wishy washy. Like so many printed patterns. A great big "WHY"? Maybe the directions aren't wrong, but they're confusing and in my opinion that needn't be so.

Nonetheless, it's only a pair of gloves so I was able to figure out what to do... I'm ready for the next day the temps decide to drop:
Fit's like a glove!... (Actually, next time I'm going to make a small modification to the pattern for the pinky, but they're pretty comforable as is.)

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  1. These are wonderful gloves, Barnard. Sure would need them here on a frigid night like we're having. But there have been many days where no gloves have been needed this winter.
    Am I right in presuming the yarn is all wool?
    Nice tweedy effect in the yarn. You do a great job of knitting. : )


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