Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Knitwise... hand spun vest...

It's knitting up fast on size 8 needles. The 2 front panels were finished yesterday and I started the back at tonight's Knit & Schmooze at the Center. I expect to have it finished some time next week. I'm pretty fond of it all ready.

I adjusted the stitch count of the pattern to fit my gauge and also changed the measurements to suit me, making it wider over all and adjusting the depth of the arm hole.

I made one slight alteration to the order of the colors from my sample, moving the peachy Eucalyptus dyed corriedale over to the edge next to the white Shetland. This groups all the pale colors to the edges where they will have the greatest 'slimming' effect.

I think the 'parfait' and 'pumkins' I spun last summer stand out quite well...
In case there is any wonder what's going into the vest, here is (what will probably be a very hard to read) legend. The colors are mirrored on both sides and will so be on the back also.

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