Monday, February 13, 2012

Humble pie is on the menu again...

My teacher taped this video at my lesson last week. 14 month mark. The visual didn't turn out well and you can barely see me. That's OK. You can hear me fine though... not sure if that's OK or not! (Have your finger on the stop button -- just to be safe.) The video is dark because the camera was sitting in the closet ... because it's a new space and a camera set-up hasn't yet been devised.

It's a little hard to see and hear these videos for the first time. Somehow they sound worse than, yet they sound better than I imagined! Different aspects of the playing sound better and/or worse. But still very valuable to see and hear. This video motivates me strongly, especially to work on bowing.

I'm playing by myself this time around... egads, now you can really hear me... be forwarned: there are a couple of pretty sour notes, and I botched up the rhythm in one particular measure, twice. It's funny how, when the mind is pre-occupied with something else--like learning fingering and bowing, something like a simple rhythm falls by the wayside.

Not terribly musical... that'll come later... I'm not playing very fast as there are some sixteenth notes coming up in the piece and I want to be able to handle them when I get there... I feel I'm progressing...

Gossec Gavotte


  1. Very cool, only 14 months? Nicely done. This takes me back to many summers at Suzuki Institute with Ryan when he was playing piano.

    Playing piano and playing cello are both so naked/exposed; I'm impressed that you do this. Lately I only play guitar, in a group, with singing, hoping that you can't tell which mistakes are mine!

    I like your teacher. And the recordings of your lessons should be very helpful to you as you go on. Having something to review at your leisure is great.

  2. Thanks, Michele. :) I love guitar. Are you playing classical?

    I like my teacher too, and I'm glad he does these recordings. Very helpful.

  3. No classical for me! No notes...just chords, nice big open cowboy chords for singing along. I either strum or pick accompaniment, but no melodies.


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