Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Loom has arrived, the cold is departing, and I made a mistake...

The loom got moved from lower Manhattan to my apartment on Sunday. The move went very well. A minor glitch in that I expected to ride in the van with the loom to my apartment, seeing how I don't drive. The movers informed me that it would be against the law, and what with the frequent stops and searches by the downtown police, would be risky business to try and thwart the law in this case. So I hailed a cab. Ended up arriving at my apartment before they did!

Actually, the title of this post is wrong. I made two mistakes. Regarding the loom, it's not a Harrisville after all!! It's a Herald! I don't mind in the least, and from feedback I'm receiving on Ravelry it seems I got the better of the two. It really is a nice loom. Can't wait to try it out. The opportunity looms (I had to) as I will be on a week's vacation soon.

So without further ado, Hark! The Herald:

The cold arrived Monday after the sore throat I had Saturday and Sunday. It is much better today. Can't fathom why I've had 2 colds in 2 months! That is unusual for me. But the weather Saturday was warm, sunny and beautiful. A rather abrupt change from last week. I'll chalk it up to the weather.

Apart from getting the manufacturer of my loom wrong, I spun up a spool full of the lovely blue merino much too thin! Well let this be a lesson. Must do better at checking my grist more often. This is for the scarf I'm knitting and must therefore match my previously spun yarn. I don't know if the whole spool is too thin as I'm only a quarter way through plying it, but up to this point it's much finer than what I previously spun.

It's funny because it didn't feel or seem that I was spinning thinner. Something else with what I've plied so far is that some of it is under-spun. Golly! Luckily I have plenty of fiber to finish the scarf. I'll just have to pay attention and regroup when I start the next spool.


  1. The loom takes up almost as much room as a piano! Have fun with it!

  2. Michele, That's exactly what one of my students' mom said to me yesterday!

    Yes, almost. :)

  3. That's some loom you have there, Bernard. Heralding in a new era in your development with your craft and art, huh? : ) Cans see you enjoying many hours throwing the shuttle and treading those pedals. That's a brand name that's new to me. All the best with it.

  4. Thanks,jak. Yes, the puns could be running wild with this one! Thanks for the chuckle. :)

  5. A very nice looking loom. I had a Harrisville, 4 shaft, 4 treadle floor loom (my daughter in law now has it), and from the looks of it, I'd agree that yours is the better of the 2. It looks to me like it is built using thicker wood, plus you have 6 treadles!
    I wish you many, many happy hours of weaving. ;)

  6. Happy weaving, Bernard -- that's a beautiful loom!



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