Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Knit wise... More lace...

Yet another lace project. It's called Alder Frost and is available for purchase on Ravelry ($2). A simple scarf perfect for subway knitting. Easy to read chart, 16 row repeat.

Still, this one is special because I'm using my own hand spun merino. The wool was purchased at the NY Sheep & Wool Festival last fall and I posted pics of it when I first started spinning it. I'll post new pics here. 3-ply fingering weight. Size 8 needles.

I just read in the directions for the scarf that the sk2psso called for should start with a slip 1 purlwise... and I've been doing mine slip 1 knitwise. Hrumph! I'll do one with a purl slip to see how different it looks, if it's a negligible difference I won't bother to change.

I just used up my first skein on the train home, and will have enough on the bobbin by this weekend to ply another skein. So for the next two days I'll be working on the Querus Alba scarf.

A rather pleasant juggling act going on between the spinning, knitting the handspun, and knitting the QA.


  1. That's so pretty on the bobbin!

    I've never done that decrease with a slip purlwise. But you may as well leave it the way you have it; consistency is the key!

  2. Enjoyed seeing that beautiful merino roving again, being spun up expertly and knit into a wonderful pattern.

  3. Yes, Michele, I too thought it should be knitwise and I can't see that the difference is going to be very obvious. So I will more than likely leave it as is.


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