Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fiber wise: Inspection Day...

I have to do this every 2 months or so...

Most of my "stash" is stored in a closet in the room that used to be called the "tv room" but now has no name because the tv (although I get no reception and do not have cable--I watch dvd's and videos on it) was moved to the living room. Since it's dark and relatively quiet in the closet, I make a rather thorough inspection of it on a regular basis. I say "relatively quiet" because there is the occassional rustle of small scurrying feet.

This apartment (as many apartments in NYC, even in the glitzy neighborhoods--I know this for a fact) has always had it's share of mice looking for a good home. I used to fight them like crazy but that was simply driving me crazy. Now I just aim to keep it under control as much as possible. It was especially bad right after they gutted the building around the corner. Suddenly there were hordes of mice looking for new accommodations. My place was perfect of course. I have bird seed. But I'm telling you, give these guys an inch and they'll take a yard! Why they'd have no qualms making the place their own if I let them. Little squatters they be.

But it's not mice that prompts me to sort out the stash every now and then. It's moths. They like dark places too, especially dark places crammed full of delicious wool. A moth paradise, and in my experience they're all gourmands. I have seen moths here before and I have incurred the cost of their appetite.

I don't know where they came (come) from apart from the ones that are born from eggs that are in the bird seed. But to my knowledge these very small moths do not eat wool. But on second thought I'd better look that up. The joke may be on me after all.

I have found that a periodic inspection keeps things under control. I'm not one to go around screaming like an alarm when I see a moth (or mouse!). Part of life. There's a certain charm in it all--all creatures great and small. As long as I'm not under attack by a swarm or army that is. That's not to mean that I'm happy when I find moth damage, it's just that I've come to accept it. Nothing lasts forever. Luckily, it's rare. But not rare enough.

Today's inspection revealed a little moth activity. Darn. So there are 3 skeins in the freezer and a bit in the trash. Most of the stash was fine. Next inspection will be sooner than 2 months due to this activity. Also, I'll be stocking up on some more lavender and other herbs to put in the closet to help ward off these house hunters.

Shoo! Shoo! Away!

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