Friday, April 20, 2012

Knit wise... much ado

Much ado about not so much after all... I discovered that the stitch discrepancy in the doily instructions can be accounted for if the markers are ignored. Sigh. At the beginning of the next row (39) it is mentioned that the stitch markers will now move, but no mention of the markers at the beginning of row 37!

I discovered this not too long after walking the lovely labyrinth near my office. Coincidence? I don't know. Walking the labyrinth is relaxing and meditative, and I would say, centering. Perhaps it slowed things down enough for me to realize there was another possible answer for the pattern discrepancy. Walking it feels good. I walked it on my break this evening just before sundown. Here it is:
If I ever own property of my own I would like to construct one. This one is in Battery Park, around the corner from work. It was built after 9/11 in a part of the park called Jerusalem Grove. In the middle of summer it can be tricky to find because the surrounding grasses grow tall and obscure it. That, and the gate which leads to it is invisible if it's closed. One needs to know where to look for it. Lucky me was shown by a woman from our Knit & Schmooze group.

So Doily Row 37 is done and now I'm on Part C of the pattern, the last section. There are 5 lace rows in this section and hopefully none of them will have discrepancies--or foggy instructions--in them. Needles crossed.


  1. Phew!!! Glad you were able to walk your way out of that knitting problem.... :)
    You've likely done this but B. often checks ravelry when stuck with a pattern problem, to see if anyone else has experienced similar difficulties. Would like to visit your maze if we ever get to NYC again.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, jak. In fact I did check Ravelry. I also did a Google which turned up nothing. I was a bit surprised by that.


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