Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Letting go....

... of the life line on the scarf. I'm almost done with it and decided last night to finish it without relying on the life line. After so many repeats, my relationship with the pattern is now intimate. I am familiar with all the signposts and can pick up and figure out what row I'm on without having written it down. Will be ready to block it within a week. I hope.

. * . * . * .

Couscous continues to improve. We're on our last leg of treatment and I'll bet she'll be glad to leave the hospital cage--this weekend I'm hoping. I know she's tired of taking the medicine.

. * . * . * .

Spent some time picking out a new lace scarf pattern this evening to use my own handspun in. I've narrowed it down to 2 possibilities. More on that to come.

. * . * . * .

The doily is coming along. Oh woe is me! I came across a discrepancy in the pattern. It is something of a minor miracle that I found (to my knowledge) the erroneous stitch. (I could not find any errata online.) According to the directions, row 25 creates x number of stitches between the 1st and 3rd set of markers and y number of stitches between the 2nd and 4th set of markers. However, row 26 expects only x -1 and y -2! Well, there's a "k1" in row 27 that I believe should not be there (and it's repeated between the 2nd and 4th marker sets) so I've omitted it. Only time will tell if I omitted the correct stitch. Fingers crossed. I would love to finish the doily by the end of the weekend, but I think that may be pushing it a bit.

. * . * . * .

My cello teacher let me know this morning that next week we'll start vibrato exercises. That's very exciting. We also snuck further up the finger board than we've ever gone at my lesson, to reach high D and Eb on the D string... past 4th position. Fun, fun. I love what cello is doing for my "core support" and also how it's opening up and airing out my whole left side, not to mention what bowing is doing for my right. Good stuff. I'm hoping to start taking Alexander Technique lessons again soon. More on that to come.


  1. Glad to hear that Couscous is on the mend.
    Looking forward to seeing your lace knit creations. That doily will be looking pretty awesome. As one who has lived with a knitter working on flawed patterns, I can vicariously relate to your problems with the doily.
    Being stretched on the cello.............only continued beautiful music can be the result. : )


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