Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Knit wise... bumps in the road...

More pattern problems with the doily. There are new discrepancies in the directions, this time between rows 35 and 37. Quite frustrating. I pondered over the directions quite a bit on Saturday but decided to let it all rest on Sunday. I finally got around to looking at it again this evening. This is the third row with errors in the written directions. Grrr.

As near as I can tell from reading the text carefully and comparing row 37 to a similar--but shorter--row, if I change the 'SK2TP's to regular 'SKP's it will add up correctly. I won't know for sure until I actually try it to see if the remaining stitches on the row will match up. I'm hoping. There's yet another problem between the 2nd and 3rd markers on this row. I have located what might be the problem 3 stitches and will try to elimiate them. In my opinion, from having been a typesetter, it looks like a cut and paste was made when typesetting the directions with not enough care to update the paste. Mere speculation, of course.

So, a bit of a slow down on the doily at the moment. After row 37, there will be only 5 more lace rows and 6 plain knit rows so the end is in sight if I can make it past this pot hole.

The good news is that the pattern has become clearer in my knitting so that may help me align the stitches properly when I start changing the directions. Fingers crossed.

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