Sunday, September 16, 2012

The birds... Peach

It's been a while since I wrote about the birds. My little life savers--well, sanity savers anyway. Love them to bits. They remind me of what's real when this big old world starts to get insane--as it does every four years when we have an election. And often, in between times too.

Peach. Poor little darling. His/her convalescence was three months long! I wrote about the injured wing in the middle of June and it was only 2 weeks ago that s/he was able enough to manage out of the hospital cage for good.

I had brought the cage into the bird room and hung it high on a plant hanging hook. Eye level with where the other birds like to congregate. Every morning I would climb the step ladder, take the cage down and change the food and water. After a few weeks I left the cage on the counter with the door open to see if s/he would attempt to fly. The attempt was made but poor little thing only made it across the narrow width of the room and landed on the floor. This went on for several weeks. I would cheer him on and every 3 or 4 days try the open door.

Luckily, I was able to notice slight--very slight--improvement in her strength every few tries so I didn't give up, but must admit getting a little discouraged one morning. I shrugged it off and put my faith in nature. Peach seemed to be quite comfortable with his cage, I think he "owned" it and being in it meant not having to fend off the other birds.

At long last, a few weeks ago his flight was a little better and he landed on the window sill, having flown the length of the room. This was very encouraging and it made me happy. About a week later we tried again and his flight was about the same. This time I picked him up with a towel and placed him on the feeding platform which is about eye-level for me--it's where the "tree" grows. He spent a few hours there, climbing around the tree, eating and looking outside before being bullied off by another bird and so I picked him off the floor and placed him back in the cage. I knew his days in the cage were numbered.

A few days later, very much the same thing but instead of rescuing him I hung a braided cord from the platform so it reached the floor. This was his lifeline back to the platform in case he ended up on the floor again. Which he did. It took him a little while to learn that he could climb the cord to get back up where he wanted to be, but he got it. Cage was put away. Hurray!

It's been a few weeks and he has increased in strength considerably. I think the several attempts to fly -- albeit several times to the floor -- strengthened his muscles or whatever. He is now flying about quite well. Can't go great distances but can navigate the bird room without ending up under foot.

And his mate has rejoined him. A sweet love story. I'm so happy for them.

It appears I will never know what happened, just glad that it's turned out OK.

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