Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weave wise... back on track...

I was too busy to get to the loom this week so several days have past and the "idea" of having to re-thread the heddles is history. As I sat down to work on it today, it felt new: A fresh challenge to finish dressing the loom with this doubled warp.

I'm happy that all went smoothly with the redistribution of the heddles, re-threading, tying up, checking sheds and tensions, and finally, weaving! TaDa! I'm trying to put myself in the mindset that all the prep work of dressing the loom is weaving too, therefore I'm approaching it with as open a mind as I can, and paying attention as much as possible.

This picture of the completed threading shows how the warp now flows straight through the loom, back to front. Much better:
And here is the first inch or so of weaving, doubled warp threads, doubled weft threads:
Although I didn't really know, I was worried that working with a doubled thread would be turmoil. I'm happy to report that it isn't! :)

I was able to sit down at the spinning wheel this week, and finished a skein of deep blue yarn from a fiber which name I cannot remember! I'll have to snap a pic of that one. Last evening after work I finished this spool of singles (Wellington Fibres), and it awaits plying which should happen shortly this evening. This is spinning for part of a larger project which I cannot mention right now, but it's exciting. Stay tuned.

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