Friday, February 8, 2013

A hodgepodge...

Not what I'd call blizzard conditions, but nice wintery conditions. I do love a snow storm, so pretty! Just snapped this from the front door in the midst of our Northeaster.

I don't believe I've ever written about a night out, so this will be a first. A week ago Thursday I went to Carnegie Hall to hear Radu Lupu play. Sigh. Sigh. Some of the most beautiful music ever written heard in one of the most beautiful halls in existence played by one of the most beautiful pianists alive. It was so good! Radu Lupu is a very sensitive player and brings exquisite nuance to his music making. I remember the first time I heard him play Shubert. I knew pretty much then that he'd probably be my favorite Schubert interpreter. On the program that night he played Schubert, Franck, and Debussy. All of it sublime. While waiting for the concert to start I snapped a pic of the stage with the beautiful 9' Steinway. I still cannot believe that Carnegie Hall came sooooo close to being demolished. Bless Isaac Stern for saving it.

Here is a video of Radu Lupu playing some Schubert. Perfect for this peaceful, snowy evening. Long sigh.... doesn't this music just make you cry? It does me.

And finally, a status pic. Where it stands at the end of this week.

l to r:

* I wound the rainbow yarn (pictured here: Rainbow skein) into a ball so I can start knitting it into a scarf.
* The large spool of red wool is ready for plying. That's the last of that roving so the spool is a little short.
* Not too much progress on the silk hanky spinning, but a bit more has been added to the spindle.
* The granny square stack is growing!


  1. Music, knitting and spinning ... great! Snow ... not that great! We had 33 inches, spent most of the morning shoveling the back pathway in order to get to an area where we could use the roof rake to try to get rid of the more than 3 ft of snow that had drifted up there. A neighbor used a back hoe to remove most of the snow in our driveway but we still had a stretch of about 5 feet to shovel so I can get my car out of the garage in case of emergency. Today I'll tackle the front walkway. Hope the snow is not too frozen and packed at this point.
    There's no way to get to Church today - the roads are not well plowed and are very slippery.
    Enjoy your day!

    1. Funny, I was just thinking about you yesterday morning, crafty1. I had heard that your state got hit hard and your news is just more confirmation. Almost 3'!!! That's a LOT of snow. How kind of your neighbor to bring over his back hoe, but at 3' deep, 5' is still plenty I'm sure. A lot melted here today. Perhaps it warmed up a bit where you are too?

    2. BTW, We didn't get as much here as expected... less than a foot I think. It was very pretty and is melting away quickly. Gosh, I remember when I was a child it seemed we had a lot more snow. Of course that was in NH, but I don't think even they get as much as we did then. I remember huge drifts of snow piling up as high as the house eaves. We had lots of fun in that snow. I've always enjoyed it and still do, despite all the shoveling we used to do. Something very magical about it for me--not to mention it's ability to reduce noise levels.


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