Friday, February 22, 2013

Five rows...

Five rows down and I like the way it looks. Very happy with this palette. What's more, it's building up bigger than I thought so it just may turn out that I'll need only 15 to 18 rows. 150 to 180 squares instead of 200.

So much fun to pick colors for a square. I have several approaches now. Sometimes I'll look for 2 colors that are complimentary and go from there, sometimes I may opt for 2 colors in the same family as a starting point. Sometimes I'll pick 3 colors that I think look good together. Other times I'll go for a subdued look, bold look, monochrome look... Whatever idea comes to mind I give it a try seeing how I have so many squares to experiment with. More excitement is generated as the square is built because the orange in the 3rd row of every square modifies the overall look, as does the outside edge of heathered brown. Color. Color. Color. Fun. Fun. Fun.

Other projects on hold for the moment. Swamped with work, driving lessons, cello, piano and my students. Getting quotes from moving companies (ugh! $) and fretting over a car. I really want to keep the car expense as low as possible yet still have something that actually moves without being in for repairs every week. Many have told me to get a Subaru Outback because it's so very good in winter weather and apparently lasts forever. This advice was contradicted today by a friend at work who told me they are now over-priced. Oh, well. I won't rush into anything.

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