Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sampler off the loom...

I just finished weaving the sample for the blanket and have cut it from the loom. I left some warp on the loom, all sleyed and threaded so I can readily tie on a new warp without having to re-do all the work of threading. I will have several yards to weave for the actual blanket. It doesn't seem possible that I could be more excited by this project than by previous ones because they were all so exciting, but I am. I'm totally excited. This view of the fabric is the other side of what I showed earlier:

I love the way this sample looks. This weave structure has a wonder old-fashioned look to it; warm and comforting. I think I will finish off the sample and either hang it on the wall, or use it as a table mat. Pretty in it's own right, IMO.

I came up with a palette for the project and ordered the yarn from Harrisville this week. While I wait for the delivery to arrive I'll work on putting more warp on the loom. I also want to try to square up the pattern a little bit. I can live with it the way it is, but it's a tiny bit squat I think. Not sure what I will do to square it up; it was woven in a 12-dent reed. If I had a 15-dent reed I would give that a try. I could order one I suppose but, boy, money has been flying out of my hands lately and it would make me a little nervous to lay out some $ for a new reed just before the big move. I'm not crazy about trying to fit 15 epi in my 10- or 12- dent reeds. I also have an 8-dent and if that were sleyed 2 threads per dent it would come out to 16 per inch--pretty close to 15. But I'm afraid that might be too tight. The other option is to beat it looser. Grrrr. Maybe I'll leave it as is! Note to self: More thought required here.

Here is a general idea of the palette. These colors are not exact but just a general ballpark estimate. They are in the 'general vicinity' of the true colors. When the yarns arrive I'll post a pic. Funny thing is neither of my sample colors are going to be in the final blanket! Ha.


  1. Your sampler is just amazing to these non-weaving eyes.
    Love the richness of yout colours.
    Wonderful to watch your advancement in adventures of weaving.

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