Sunday, March 3, 2013

Half time show...

Granny square afghan is about half done. This may be the last pic until it's finished. I'm very much hoping to finish it within the next 7 weeks so it will be done before I move at the end of April. It will be getting kind of busy though, what with packing and all, so I'm not sure I can meet that goal.

Had to order more yarn this week: the pumpkin and heathered brown.

Yarns for the woven afghan should arrive from Harrisville tomorrow. I cleaned up the 8-dent reed this afternoon and I might, just might, re-sley at 16 ends per inch instead of the 12 that it is currently. I can do that without having to re-thread the heddles. In fact it will be easier to re-sley 2-to-a-dent now that the heddles are threaded. I think I'll be happier with the pattern a little more square. I will also loosen up just a tiny bit on the beating.

In other news...

I passed my driving road test Thusday with a perfect score! Who'd have thought it!? Three of us from the driving school went over to take our test and all three of us passed so it was a happy event. Now I can seriously look for a car.

I found a slew of excellent looking boxes in the recycling bins out front this afternoon. (I saw someone moving in next door yesterday.) They appear to have been used only once so I snatched them up! Not enough for all my stuff, but it's a start. Plus it motivated me to go online and order a lot of book boxes (1.5 cu. ft.). For an estimate I had to give the movers an idea of how many books I'd be moving. It came up to about 200 linear feet. I'm glad I won't have to be lugging them to the truck and back myself! Estimate was higher than I wanted but I will have to live with it.

When I realize this will be the last month teaching my current students I get a little sad. That's one of the hard things to let go of. One of my students was especially sad when she heard the news a few months back. Luckily and happily for her and her brother, their parents have decided to move too! So they are all very excited now--which I find a bit of a relief. They are moving in the opposite direction of me though.


  1. I love how sunny and bright your granny squares are. That will be so nice when it's done!

    Congrats on your road test. And good luck with your move!

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