Friday, March 8, 2013

Woven afghan...

Yarns arrived this week and here they are laid out as they will ultimately appear in the afghan. The border design will be done in the "evergreen" that appears at top of picture in a cone. Nice lookin' lot. Since I can move the loom with a warp on it, I will start on this right away even though it won't be done before moving time.

Moving updates... Going to look at a car on Saturday, a used Subaru Forester. Must get myself to NH soon to hire a sheetrocker to do a little bit of work. Will probably start packing dishes this weekend. It's been a long haul since early December but I fear that once the pace picks up it's going move along briskly. I don't want to end up frantic with too much to do at the last minute!

License, check. Car, soon. Moving company, check. Taxes? Ugh. I need to stop by my accountant's office this weekend; I think I'll apply for an extension.

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