Sunday, March 31, 2013

Long term projects... and big moves...

Both the granny square afghan and the woven throw are projects that have taken, and will continue to take, a considerable amount of time to finish. I like these long term projects and notice distinct phases in them. At the moment I'm at the cruising stage. The design, techniques, and approach to both projects are worked out and it's simply a matter of doing them. It doesn't require a lot of forethought for the evening's wool works: Just pick up the needle--or settle in at the loom--and cruise. I love it, and will predictably feel a teensy bit of lag when they reach their ends. But that's OK, new and exciting projects are in no short supply. On the other hand, there have been projects I was quite glad to be finished with! I don't think that will be the case with these two.

On the moving front, I have 9 (nine!) boxes of books to drive over to The Strand this week. I stopped in and had a chat with their buying desk on Friday. They'll give me a good price on the leather-bound sets and a little less on the books from Folio Society. The extra moolah is more than handy at this time. They'll be taking most of the contents of these 2 shelves:

Added bonus is my move will be a bit lighter and my new house will be a little less bogged down! Win, win.

Tomorrow and Tuesday are my last teaching days here. Mixed feelings all around. It makes me a bit sad on the one hand. Still I have good feelings from the teaching experience and everything I've learned from it. Very valuable to my own learning even. Also, I feel a sense of accomplishment. Most definitely want to start again after I've settled in my new place.

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