Friday, March 8, 2013

Just a few lines...

Cello. I hit a milestone this week: Started working on the Prelude from Bach's Cello Suite #1 in G Major. How pleased am I about that? I'm ecstatic! ... There are times--often times--when my cello practicing consists of something akin to physical therapy. It's quite the workout. Inquired about getting a teacher when I'm settled in my new place. Sounds promising.

New York. I'm tired of the noise. ... Visited the Performing Arts Library at Lincoln Center yesterday to make a copy of a score I couldn't find anywhere else. (a few pics below) I worked there years, and years ago, very briefly. In my version of the story I quit. Ha! (I suppose one could say it was a mutually agreed upon decision.) The job was soooo boring and it didn't pay well. And I was young. However, they had the best receptions for special events.

The granny. 10 more squares done this week. 2 squares a day x 5 days, that's one row. I'll attach it over the weekend. Rest of the yarn arrived yesterday.

The birds. Doing everything I can not to worry about moving them, and I'm not really worried but I do wish it were over.

The big picture. It's been a rather trying week despite all the really good things that are happening. I was speaking with another Scorpio this evening and he mentioned in passing that the past few days have been less than stellar. Must be a star thing! Who knows?

The weekend. It's here, I've just popped the cork on a bottle of Cab. Ahhhh, that's better.

These were taken yesterday around Lincoln Center with my cell phone, hence the low quality:

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