Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Letting go...

That's not something I've ever been especially good at. Although, in fairness, I must say I cope better than I used to. Good-byes. Ouch. I much prefer "Au revoir". Yes, See you later.

I mourned for months when Annabelle died and threw myself into reading about the sacred and the meaning of life. Had to find a way to make peace with departure. I came to embrace the notion that the spirit of Annabelle was alive and well and that eventually we'd enjoy our company again.

Annabelle was my hand-raised lovebird. Until experienced it is hard to imagine just how kind, sweet, and gentle a little bird can be. Lovebird is no misnomer for these bubbling bursts of sweetness manifest: Whimsical, funny, and 100% charming. And so it broke my heart when she suddenly passed away some years back.

That I'm recollecting Annabelle this evening speaks to where my heart is at the moment. It was a day of good-byes. My last day of teaching (except for one make-up on Saturday). But I do have email addresses and phone numbers so I'll say bye bye to goodbye and hello au revoir.

It feels wierd knowing my students won't be back next week to show me what they've worked on. Doesn't feel real yet. I shall miss them. My life has been blessed by their company and presence, every one of them. It's been a joy, and at times an astonishment, to watch them grow and develop. That goes for the students who were no longer with me. I hope their lives will be filled to the brim, nay, overflowing! with the joy of making music. Most thankful that I've had the opportunity to try and nurture their spark of musical inquisitiveness.

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