Saturday, April 13, 2013

Right on track ...

Today marks the end of my daily commute to a job in Manhattan. There is much relief in this. As I have grown into my 50s (sorry, I meant 30s) and the number of commuters in my neighborhood have swelled in the 20-something age range, it has become more difficult to manage. Largely because there is only the one "L" train which connects north Brooklyn with Manhattan. Although it has been promised that service would improve--and maybe it has but it's hard to notice--the flood of new residents in Williamsburg and Greenpoint are outpacing those improvements it seems to me. The manic gentrification and growth of these neighborhoods continues unabated. But I didn't begin this post with the intention of kvetching so lets move on.

It's my last day of commuting because I'm on vacation for the next two weeks. During this time I will, at last, make the journey to NH. Next time I log into work it will be from my new home! My new commute will consist of climbing the stairs to the office.

This was a week of feeling like I was on speed. I knew the pace of activity--not just physical, but mental as well--would pick up as the big day approaches. Some of this found emotional release today. Nothing big, just short-ish, gentle weepy tears--much like a refreshing spring rain: Clears the air and makes things fresh again. Breaks and emotional pauses are a great way to correct one's pace and check in on reality, if you ask me.

There aren't too many very sad feelings, just a tinge now and then. I will see some dear people a little less often. The approaching move also floods my mind with recollections of moving here 35 years ago. Then of course, there are the intervening 35 years. A little bit like a roller coaster these big changes. I don't mind roller coasters: They can be quite fun with the right attitude. This one I'm on is a gentle roller coaster anyway with some pleasant thrills coming up.

Moving on... if I were still doing psychoanalysis I wouldn't be surprised to discover that a little bit of today's tears come from filing my taxes this afternoon. Egads!

So the hubbub continues, the excitement builds, the tears flow periodically. Right on track.

Speaking of roller coasters, I'm reminded about a great song by Matt Alber called "End of the World". Beautiful melody, lyrics, and singer (and ever so handsome!). I saw him live at Joe's Pub a few years ago. Nice.

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