Sunday, April 14, 2013

In boxes...

It's been a good 2 days of boxing up books, sheet music, CDs and DVDs. Besides which, I managed to get some hours in at the loom and they were productive. This week saw a break in the granny square afghan but a slow down is expected until after the move. Will probably put some hook time in this week. Only three rows left!

The hallway outside my apartment this evening:

That accounts for approximately 75-80% of all the boxes I will take with me. All the books and media are now packed. A bit more china to go, some pots, pans, and cooking apparatus. Clothes--of which there will be not too much seeing how quite a bit of it has shrunk while hanging in the closet. Must be the high-humidity summers here. I can't think why they otherwise wouldn't still fit. ... Then there's the backyard furniture. Yes, a ways to go.

While packing books this afternoon I stumbled across some quotes I copied down. I used to often note favorite phrases and sentences as I read books. Here are a few of them ...

"Money's a horrid thing to follow, but a charming thing to meet" -- Henry James, Portrait of a Lady

"...that had the true refinement and perfect delicacy that in art, at any rate comes only from strength." Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

"Nacreous pearl light swam faintly about the hem of the lilac darkness; the edges of light and darkness were stitched upon the hills. Morning moved like a pearl-gray tide across the fields and up the hillflanks, flowing rapidly down into the soluble dark." --Thomas Wolfe, Look Homeward Angel

"October had come again, and that year it was sharp and soon; frost was early, burning the thick green on the mountain sides to massed brilliant hues of blazing colors, painting the air with sharpness, sorrow and delight--and with October." --Thomas Wolfe, Look Homeward Angel

(I absolutely, totally, loved Look Homeward Angel. Such poetic prose.)

Despite a day of packing, I was able to get in a very good practice at the cello tonight. The absence of books from all the shelves gave the room a new acoustics. A very nice quick-fade reverb, and it sounded great!

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