Wednesday, April 17, 2013

10... 9... 8...

Sunday... Monday... today... Down to the final week tomorrow. I'm feeling very happy this evening.

Yesterday was by far the worst day in moving related activity since this chapter began last October. Not the news of eviction (it was a mild eviction), not the daunting task of finding a home and obtaining a mortgage, not the scary task of finding a car and getting it past inspection and registered, not the arduous task of packing everything in boxes. The misery inducing task was: Dealing with a major telecommunications company on the phone. It boggles my mind that a business whose business is connecting people would have so much trouble connecting to people. It's a story of over-wrought automation and ineptitude--born of poorly managed girth and inadequate training, it seems to me. Oh my born days.

After filling in internet forms, receiving my order confirmation via email, accepting phone calls from "customer service", followed by three more phone calls in an attempt to iron out the discrepancies, it appears I will be connected to the internet next Friday at my new house. Praise be! Miracles do happen! It's done and over and if that's the extent of the bad stuff it's enough!

The cellar was my main focus today. That and the back yard. It is now all sorted into "keep", "toss", and "rummage". Rummage being the pile of stuff which I place out front next to the fence for passers-by to take. It's a fun activity. I enjoy seeing what's grabbed up and what doesn't get taken. I have several more boxes of stuff which I will place by the gate--at pace--over the next few days.

After removing one pile of stuff to the sidewalk this afternoon I found 2 metal curtain tie-backs that I dropped in the process. There were several stacks of stuff going on and I fumbled for a place to set them down, and in my desire to release this fidgety groping for a clear resting place, laid them on the bottom stair--I must get on with my work! Fine.

I spent the next half hour tackling the boxes (and boxes) of Christmas decorations. This produced hordes of rummaging fun. On my next trip upstairs ... and down I slipped on something just as I got to the bottom step. It threw me off balance and I tumbled over and sideways--almost a slow-motion sort of fall--and hit my chin on the large wooden crate at the bottom of the stairs. What the... ! I was thinking, "You're worse than a kid! Leaving things on the stairs like that, someone could trip and fall!" Ha! Glad to know I haven't lost touch. Nice to be young again. I had a good laugh.

Funny going through the Christmas stuff all laden with meaning, and beautiful to look at. In years past it might have been harder for me to send a lot of it to 'rummage' but I did well today and I credit that to the reading of Thich Nhat Hanh's books. It has made me realize that someone else enjoying these beautiful things is the same as me enjoying them. There is no difference. We are all one. And so it is much easier to let them go and let go of them.

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