Sunday, February 17, 2013

Square dance...

I am making headway on the granny square afghan, producing several squares over the course of the week. A quarter of them crocheted and I have started assembling them. I don't want to wait until all the squares are completed--much rather spread the task over time, a little now a little later.

I have made a big effort to reduce the number of loose ends to sew in with some success. I have it down to 1 loose end per square--even though I change color on every row--and I will have 1 loose end at the end of every column and row in the afghan. This is a major savings over the sunflower lap-ghan where I had several loose ends per square and many from assembly.

I will try to find time to video my method for making a square without loose ends. Maybe this week. For assembly, I measured out and wound enough yarn for each column of the afghan. When attaching new squares I use this pre-measured yarn for each column, and then I do the long seam with a separate length--long enough to go across the afghan. Nice, neat, and nifty!

In this picture, my pre-measured "warp" yarns are visible at the top. I'm on the 4th row and these yarns are long enough to go the length of the afghan (I hope):

Another skein of yarn was wound off the wheel this evening. 282 yards, 2-ply for weaving. Yippee!


  1. Gotta love the look of that bright and cheery afghan, Bernard. I have a soft spot my heart for granny squares. My first two attempts at crochet were granny square afghans.
    I also love the rosy glow in your skein.

  2. Thanks, jak! :) Do you have pics of your afghans? I would *love* to see them if you do! --Bernard


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