Monday, June 10, 2013

Faces of nature....

I'm most fortunate to have set eyes on some awesome spectacles of nature this week. They are examples at extremes from one another yet co-exist. I'm starting to realize what a wonderland I've moved to, almost gobsmack in the center of this beautiful state.

The geology here is fascinating. My gardening research turned up this week that New England is not only the founding grounds of our nation, but is also geologically the oldest part of the country. The White Mountains, part of the Appalachians, were polished by the last ice-age's diamantaire into the gems we enjoy today. Their work is visible almost everywhere, from the pristine Stinson Lake tucked away up above Rumney to the humongous falling rocks on the way from Rumney to Quincy Bog. All so exhilarating to experience.

This week's encounters...

On a whim I decided to take a stroll up along the stonewall on the NW edge of my property. Just a short way. I got no further than 50' before my eyes noticed something among the ferns. I could NOT contain my excitement. Luckily my neighbors were out at the time so only the forest was witness to my shouts of glee. I'm spared having neighbors thinking I'm completely bonkers.

A friend of mine says it takes 7 years for a lady's slipper to flower. How incredibly fortunate I feel to have this gorgeous flower just 50' from the house! I've been going out every day since to take in it's radiant beauty.

I was out on the front "porch" this evening spinning some silk hankies when, upon lifting my head to look up, I was greeted by a black bear at the foot of the steps. Holy cow! It must have come from around the corner of the house and I never noticed. With a gracefully brisk maneuver I was through the door. Not a panic. Not a picnic. Just a focused exit from the outside to the inside. After a few breaths I was calm enough to go back out with camera in hand. It had walked about half way across the lawn by now so I felt more comfortable and spoke to it. I wondered where it had come from? No answer. Wondered what it was doing here? It took a step forward--to my surprise! Unnerved that it wanted to talk back, I snapped my fingers a bit and it turned around, then scurried into the bushes at the flash of my camera. I have a feeling it was made to feel comfortable around humans at some point. Now, if I can only manage to convey to the beautiful creature that I--human being--am not so comfortable around it!

I made good progress on the silk. The bobbin on my wheel is also full this evening, ready for plying tomorrow. And I finished a row on the granny square afghan and decided that the next row will probably be the last. Made a leisurely drive up to Stinson Lake this afternoon to see what it's all about. It's rather like a puddle stuck between the mountains, but a gem. Oh! Quite a little gem indeed, all secluded and gorgeous.

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  1. Always a delight , Bernard, to share in the wonders of your beautiful state. I guess there's a LOT more than we have discovered yet.


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