Saturday, June 1, 2013


They're here, lot's of them, and many different kinds. In this respect, country life is quite different than city life: I can't remember when I was last so bug bitten! All kinds of bites. Some itchy, some not.

Small rapid flyers, large rapid flyers, squatters, winged, non-winged, noisy, and quiet. The worst are the stealth biters: Those I'm not aware of until the bite of proboscis drilling through skin triggers my reflexes. Oops. Too late. They're into blood sports these bestiolae.

Some darned noisy ones at night bouncing off the window screens as if they were trampolines. The gymnasts of the bunch. I think they're attracted to the light inside. Somehow a few manage to squeeze through the gap between screen and sill so I have to catch and release them outside.

A terrible sight of carnage this afternoon out in the entry way--which screen door is ineffective due to a large gap between door and jam. Some lethargic "June bugs"--as we used to call them--were being torn into by some very large winged ants. At least that's what they looked like. I wondered if the "June bugs" had succumbed to the heat? For some reason the winged ants reminded me of "The Wizard of Oz". How frightful.

The real beauties are here too. Butterflies fluttering about. I've always got the impression they were only half in control of their flight. The wind seems as determined as they regarding their itinerary. Still, they manage to get to the right place at the right time I suppose. I saw some very pretty pale yellow ones around this afternoon.

And toads! Yes, a teeny tiny little toad. I've seen him twice by the side entrance. I've half a mind to kiss him to see if he'll turn into my prince charming. At any rate he's got it made vis-a-vis sustenance. It's a smorgasbord around here for critters like him. And for the birds like the robins too. I've seen a lot of them since my arrival last month. It makes me happy to see and hear them.

Oh! And last night as I was standing on the front "porch" looking at the Milky Way I witnessed some "lightning bugs". It was as if the specs of light that are stars were falling from the night sky down to tree level. Lovely to see their light show.


  1. Lightning bugs! I miss them; we don't have them on the west coast. But I don't miss the cicadas...cigar butts with wings!

    1. "Cigar butts with wings" HaHa! Good one Michele, and I'll add: noisy cigar butts! :)

  2. Sure hope the blood sports aren't getting too bloody, Bernard! I like to garden when there is a good breeze to discourage the beasties. The black flies and mosquitoes are out and about. As for lightning bugs, a rare treat here in SW Ontario, sometimes in the summer heat but rare jewels of the night. Have you ever tried a homeopathic called Apis mellifica for bug bites? Works for us. Enjoy the joys of country living especially the night skies.

    1. Thanks, ak.

      I've not heard of Apis mellifica, but I will look it up, jak. Thanks for the tip. I did receive this recipe this week for keeping ticks at bay: 10 drop of lemongrass oil, 10 drops of eucalyptus oil, and 2 oz. water. To be sprayed on.

      The black flies and mosquitoes are making their appearance here as well. I was practically shredded to bits while out spinning this evening. Dreaming of the day when I have a screened in porch. :)


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