Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hrmph! ...

The first panel of the blanket is done ... "Houston, we have a slight problem." I don't know how but I managed to beat the last square (the moose) much tighter than the others and it has turned out 1" shorter. That's a problem because this is the first of three panels (plus 2 dividing panels and 2 border panels) that makes up the blanket. The height of the squares in all the panels needs to match up or they won't go together correctly. Well!

I have a few options. 1) When I weave the subsequent panels, beat each of the last squares tighter so it matches this panel; 2) re-weave the moose and patch it in. The blanket will be constructed anyway and I'm pretty sure I can drop a new moose in without the patch being horribly obvious. I'm not going to make a decision right now. It will take some time to weave the remaining panels. There's plenty of time to think about it.

This is all very funny because as the panel was winding onto the cloth beam it seemed to me that the ostrich square came out way too long, as if I hadn't beat it hard enough. Taking a ruler to each square shows that the squares are all close to being the same height, except for the moose. How in the world did I manage to beat so differently on that one? Am I harboring some pent up aggression? Hm. Maybe it was the weather the past few days.

Yes, that could very well explain it indeed. It's been disheartening to have it so cool--downright cold last night. I worried all night that the power would cut out. The lights went in and out a few times during the evening and there was a time when I really thought they were going to be gonners. Luckily the power stayed on. The temps were in the 30s and without heat the birds would have suffered. I spent a good share of the wee hours coming up with ways to keep the place warm enough to tide them through the misery if need be ... boiling pots of water, lighting the oven, foraging the yard for scrap wood to light the wood stove. (I haven't any wood for burning yet--who'd have thought I'd need it at the end of May!!?)

At any rate, a few warps and wefts that need reworking is no big deal, and like I say, I have months of work left on this blanket so there's plenty of time to get in the mood! Heehee.

There's 2 shots of it here, one taken from each end... I like it. It's hard to see the ostrich in the picture. Much clearer in real life.

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