Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Yesterday was a day of adjustment and not so easy. Probably the most difficult day of the whole move. Not entirely a surprise, I had been expecting it: a necessary sorting out of dreams, expectations, realities, highs, and lows. The pros and cons of a new and very different location and logistics. The pros win, in a big way. At the end of the day--or more accurately: From the start of today I feel like I am coming back down to earth, I have arrived and feel like I'm here. The questions and doubts (not strong to begin with) have been answered.

The whole upheaval from last October to now seemed, in some ways, like a dream (come true!). There's been a misty haze of questions about whether the transition would be successful. Today the fog is lifted and I'm starting to feel my old self again, free from the whirlwinds, eddies, and unknowns of the journey.

I am getting familiar with the placement of my things in the house and they can now start to fade into the background where they belong. Routines are taking shape in pleasing and enjoyable ways. Yesterday's birth pangs are dissolving, and today I'm on with this new wonderful life! It feels like putting on a new pair of gloves, a pair that fits very well I'm discovering.

It was another hot and sunny day today. A short walk this afternoon after crochet and piano took me to some delicate and beautiful wild flowers out back. A few pics:

Being in the foothills of the White Mountains, there are natural geological sites of interest nearby. Monday I stopped by "Sculptured Rocks", a small gorge which is explained in this sign. (Yes, it's not surprising someone would have a bit of fun with the name of the river which flows through town: Cockermouth. It's predictable, and inevitable.)

These rocks are right near the road and are free to view and explore. There's free parking across the road.

Also, just 5 miles away is a destination known as Polar Caves. Sometime this summer I'll have to go exploring!

For dinner this evening I feasted on some beans I baked up this afternoon using maple syrup. How very New England is that!? They were scrumptious and I have a big pot of them!!

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  1. Aaahhhhh!!!! Very New England indeed! Look yummy!
    So very glad the pros are winning and that the glove is fitting nice and comfy.
    What delightful pics. Wonderous wildflowers and artistic rock formations. All the times we have been in NH and never been to the Caves.
    So happy to share in your delights as you explore. :)


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