Friday, May 24, 2013

According to plan...

Or not.

We had considerable rain earlier this week and I discovered over 1" of water on the basement floor when I went down to look for something the day after the big storm. It's not totally surprising. The house is in need of gutters for one thing, and the land behind the house slopes down to the house and is very wet at the moment. I will need some run-off work done to get the water diverted around the house. That, and gutters should help considerably. I hope. In the meantime I went to the hardware store and bought a pump which did a pretty good job of removing most of the water from the basement.

I had two contractors over this week for estimates on building the bird house. The house which was originally going to be the re-built shed but evolved into a new shed using the old shed's re-purposed wood, which has evolved into an addition built on the south end of the house. Yes, the new aviary will be attached to the house. I like this idea. It will be easier to keep an eye on things and it means I can attend to the birds in the dead of winter without trekking outside. It will also be easier to heat. It was brought to my attention by one of the contractors that fisher cats, weasels, hawks and what not could be a problem with an outdoor flight. Securing such a structure against these predators would be a daunting task. Therefore the outdoor flight idea is on hold until I come up with a good plan.

I put a hummingbird feeder out and the dear little things are visiting regularly. They went through a whole bottle of nectar this week. I just refilled it today. One that I saw yesterday was ruby throated. I don't know if there are other kinds around.

Been keeping a watchful eye out for bears. I haven't seen it return since I started bringing the seed in at night, though that's not to say it's not out there! Must be careful. I'm noticing some seed being left on the grass which is impossible to pick up so starting tomorrow I will put the plate of seed on a wooden platform. That should help keep the surrounding area clear of stray seed. I would hate to have to stop feeding the birds; I do so very much enjoy seeing them eating there. As long as the bear stays away.

Tuesday will be my first trip back to NY since the move. I wonder how it will be? I have a feeling it's going to confirm--in a strong way--that I made the right move! I'll be going down Tuesday morning and coming back Wednesday evening. I hope the weather is cleared up by the time I return. It's been cool-ish and rainy-ish all week.


  1. Hi Bernard,
    We love reading all your descriptive blogs ... you've had quite a few 'new homeowner' experiences so far, I'd say. Can't wait to hear about all the details in person sometime in the future. Glad to know that your lovebirds will have a room attached to the house. This should make it so much easier for you to take care of them.
    We have a few ruby throated hummers, too. I believe this is the only type that is in our state.

  2. crafty1, I will email you re stopping by in the near future.

    I wonder if ruby throated are the only one's in NH too? I will have to research.


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