Thursday, May 2, 2013

A few pics of work-in-progress...

Here are a handful of pictures showing how the place is shaping up with my things in it... (click picture to enlarge)

One corner of the kitchen with my new--perfectly sized!--table and chairs which I picked up at a thrift store for pennies. There are several thrift shops around here:

Here is what the kitchen looked like. I did not care for the raspberry and yellow and greyish tan scheme.

But with a minimum of painting I got something that suits me. Unfortunately, I splashed my sample swatch right on one of the doors--before deciding I would keep them in the raspberry color. Should be able to match the color and fix that up in a jiffy.

The previous owner's bedroom:

Which I turned into my music room:

This is the southeast corner of the living room:

And the other side of the room:

Still to come are pics of the dining area and loom area, upstairs bedrooms which won't be painted for a few more weeks at least, and some pics of the grounds.

I was very happy and excited to see a Cardinal at the birdfeeder this afternoon. He's the first I've yet seen here. Have had visits from Titmouse, Mourning Doves, Blue Jay, and Finches so far.

The "carport" structure, it has been decided, will be torn down and the wood repurposed to build a house for my birds. It's a bit of an eyesore at the moment IMO, and I'd rather have lawn in the space it is taking. So that is a large-ish project for this summer.

Off to the town clerks office tomorrow to inquire about garbage disposal and recycling(?), transfering my vehicle registration and license, and other mundane matters!


  1. Thanks for posting the photos. You've done quite a bit to make this YOUR home. With your artistic touch you could cover the "painted swatch area" with a painting that has a kitchen motif!

    Your music room really caught our eyes. We also like your kitchen table and chairs. A nice find!

    How big will the bird "palace" be? Looking forward to reading your next blog.

    1. Thanks, crafty1. :) I'm not sure on the size of the 'bird house' but it will be at least 12' x 12' for the inside part, maybe bigger.

  2. Just delightful seeing your house becoming your home, Bernard. You've done just a great job of moving right in. So very true, your comments re. the peace and quiet, the songs of the birds etc. etc. etc................. Just amazing how right this move has been.
    Thanks for the pics.

    1. Thanks, jak. :) I'm feeling great about it. Just can't wait to get all unpacked though!


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