Saturday, May 4, 2013

Outdoor pictures... flora...

Yesterday I strolled around the yards and snapped these pics. Have made some wonderful discoveries among the flora round about the place. The less wonderful aspect is the amount of cleaning up to be done. Some of the shrubbery is in need of trimming and thinning. All in good time, can't get to it all over night, after all! I discovered the location of the prior owner's garden and have a good mind to start double-digging it and putting a few things in this year, easy veggies. I was going to wait on that, but why not plow(!) ahead?

Blackberries! Very excited about this. The patch needs clearing out of old canes but hoping to get a goodly amount of berries out of this:

Some smaller structures are strewn about. Here is a cold frame in pretty good condition. Definitely salvageable. There is also a chicken coop and another structure for housing small animals.

I was told by a friend that this is some sort of 'burning bush' and should be quite a spectacle in the fall. Looking forward to it:

A patch of chives around the corner of the house. I'd like to relocate these if possible:

Very overgrown forsythia. A bit of work required here. The forsythia in lower elevations are already in full bloom. At 1200 feet I guess it will take another week or so for these to be abloom:

A holly. I hope it's female and getting cross-pollinated with a male from somewhere:

Some irises. I love irises. Some cleanup needed here as well:

This has me ecstatic! A lilac, yes! I hope it's purple, but as long as it is scented I don't really care what color it is. There are a few lilacs on the property:

Another favorite: Lupines. They're popping up in various locations:

I can't keep saying 'this one is my favorite' but I will! :) Perhaps I'll simply state that all flowers are my favorite? Scented flowers are at the top of the list though. This one won't be scented but it will be a show:

A wonderful discovery this is! Rhubarb!! Thinking of the possibilities: pie, jams, ... Yum, yum, yum!

This somewhat non-descript, not-especially-attractive rotunda is a mighty clump of wild roses! (I can't help but exclaim at all these discoveries.) Heady it will be come June. Absolutely divine:

Discovered this little patch of thyme not far from the chives. Area must have been part of an herb garden:

For good measure, a partial view of the front yard:

I went down to the town clerk's office yesterday and since "Sculptured Rocks" natural formations is only half a mile from the center of town I decided to pop on over and have a look-see. Fascinating and exciting. Next post, with pics.

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