Monday, May 13, 2013

NH Sheep & Wool Festival...

How different was my experience of attending the S&W in NH vs. NY? Let me count the ways...

For starters, I didn't have to get up nearly as early. And that's a big deal! I drove to the festival which is held in Deerfield, NH--a beautifully picturesque area. Classic New England. The driving aspect of the trip is a mixed bag. It is luxurious to sit back on a bus or train and read or knit or crochet, whatever. On the other hand, on public transportation one never knows who is going to end up sitting in the next seat. In that regard it's a toss-up. I've had great travelling companions, and some less comfortable. And still, driving affords complete freedom of schedule.

I enjoyed the drive very much. I-93 between Plymouth and Concord is quite beautiful, something many interstates struggle with. Very picturesque. One way took about hour and half. I missed my exit due to construction and a confusing sign so I went on to the next exit ramp and back tracked.

My friend from MA met me at the fairgrounds and we spent a lovely afternoon perusing the vendor's goods, checking in on the sheep, and ended our stay with a 45 minute viewing by the sheep dog trials. It was most enjoyable to watch. Very very exciting and fun. Lovely dogs they be and they love their work. They're so fast!

It was far less crowded than the NY festival and that made for relaxation. Not as big as Rhinebeck, but it had everything I needed, and more!--the wallet is under strick observation until finances settle down a bit around here. Still, I managed to come home with about 2 pounds of fiber and a beautiful woven basket which is perfect for the afghan project, as you will see.

There is something deeply satisfying in attending these shows. Being around the sheep and the dogs. Getting to see the younger ones showing their sheep. The commonality and shared love of sheep and all things wool. The craft, husbandry, utility. I love it, love it, love it!

Very glad I went and plan to visit again next year... (as usual, click to enlarge the pics)

Hm. Dump your manure somewhere else!

Just beautiful!




Oh so sweet!

A bit of attitude!

Showing their work.

"A kiss is still a kiss..."

My new shaggy.

"And who does your hair?"

An alpaca.

Sheep dog trials.

My afghan project before my purchase.

My afghan project after I got home with my new basket, handmade in Vietnam.

A pound of gorgeously colored fiber (56% wool, 44% mohair) from Gurdy Run Woolen Mill in PA. The color is named "Into The Woods". The owner told me the wool came from a sheep named Molly. I'm glad to know that.

About a pound of what I'm calling mongrel! It's a blend. Very bargain basement price and I love it. It's going to make something nice.


  1. Aaaaahhh!!!! What joy! What bliss! Thanks for taking us on your trip to the festival.. Inspiring entry :). Wonderful pics. Love that wool mohair roving blend. Will put this festival on our wish list. Glad you had a great time. :)

  2. My pleasure, jak, to be sure! We'll have to meet up there one of these years. :) Thank you.

  3. Yes, Bernard, its a deal!!!!!! Will meet you there.


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