Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Keeping up...

... can be a challenge. I just noticed it's been ten days since my last post. Lot's of good things have been happening.

Starting with today... Finally, after three months of waiting, the title for my car arrived from NY's DMV. They told me it would be sent sometime in June, but I was having doubts. Good thing it's here because strictly speaking I'm supposed to register my car in NH within 60 days of moving here. Next week will be 60 days--already! There was a contingency plan if the title failed to arrive in time. I spoke with the town clerk about it. Still, relieved to have it in my possession. I'll soon be sporting NH plates. Been wondering if I should go for vanity plates, something birdy themed? Hm. Pretty pricey.

Yesterday saw the sign-off with a contractor for building the bird room. It will be an addition to the house off the living room. This will be good and convenient, and best of all if the power should fail in the dead of winter it will get heat from the wood stove that is in the living room. This alleviates the need for a backup generator to keep the birds alive, though I plan to get one anyway.

A few skeins finished this week. Another skein for weaving. It joins those in the background destined for shawls:

Also a skein of silk spun from hankies. This is about half the hankies spun up. It is going to make a fabulous neck warmer as it is ultra smooth and soft with a lovely sheen:

I continue to find new flowering plants on the property. Some are quite lovely surprises. I can't wait to get my gardens all planned out to start transplanting some of these. The Cranesbill, for instance, is hidden away between some very large shrubbery. The yellow Lily has a most wonderful (almost sophisticated) scent. Aren't the wildflowers pretty?

Saturday night I drove down to Concord to take part in Granite State Gay Men's annual pride dinner dance, only I went just for the dance which started at 10pm. It was good and I'm very glad I went. It was nice to connect with the community, made me feel a little more "here". It was almost like going to the dances at the LGBT Center in Manhattan. Like in NY, I had to plan an hour to get there: 20 mins. from here to Plymouth, 30 mins. from Plymouth to Concord. Not bad! In NY that hour would be spent waiting for buses and trains plus actual travel time, total miles: less than 4.


  1. Was beginning to wonder if you were on vacation somewhere! Vanity plates get my vote. Beautiful photos of flowers ... you are fortunate to have such a diverse variety of beautiful flaura. Good to know that the birds will have warmth during those electrical outages, but equally glad to know that you will be investing in a generator. Looking forward to seeing your finished shawls.

    1. crafty1, I have just checked the availability of my choice for vanity plates and it's available. I have printed out the application and will take it with me tomorrow to the town clerk's office. :)

  2. I like that you're enjoying all your flora! How large is your property? Can you leave some of it to tend itself, or will you have to manage all the plantings? I just pulled morning glory and mystery vine out of my side yard; they were threatening my blueberry shrubs. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with the yard, and I'm just a 50x115" lot...

    1. Michele, My property is 3 acres, most of which is wooded. I plan to leave some of the cleared land to itself, but I would like to organize the front yard and immediate spaces around the house. :)


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