Monday, June 24, 2013

Ticks, picks, finishings, flowers, and a new quote...

That will be ticks as in check marks. Another big item ticked off my essential-to-do list, another sigh of relief. I had new tires put on the car. They were very badly needed as there was little to no tred left on the old tires and it was noticable in wet-weather driving. New 4-season tires just in time for my trip to NY this week.

That will be picks as in thows of the shuttle. I've decided to alternate work on the Summer & Winter pick-up blanket with work on other woven projects. So I spent an hour yesterday deciding on structure, colors, measurements, and yardage for a hand-spun shawl. I have enough greens to get going, so as soon as I find a break I will warp up these yarns to get weaving.

"Finishings" as in the granny square afghan is down to 5 squares remaining! When the final row is attached, I'll crochet a border and that will be that! Pics soon.

Flowers as in new blossomings this week. Among the flowers I would love to eventually have here (holly hocks, honeysuckle, delphiniums, cosmos, foxgloves, rudbeckia, ... well, you get the idea) is a peony or two, or three, (well, you get the idea). Much to my happiness is the discovery of a peony already here and it started opening it's few blossoms this week. The plant is in need of some care: compost, food, and weeding, but despite it's growing conditions it's putting out a few blossoms. A very pretty flower.

I cannot not share these fabulous wild daisies while I'm at it. "He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, ..."

And as we're almost half way through the year I thought it would be a good time for some new quotes. Enjoy! :)

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  1. I really like the earthiness of those colours for your weaving project. N looks like another winner in the making :)
    That's one beautiful peony. All the ones we found here when arriving many years ago were doubles. We moved them around into various gardens but the originals still survive despite the neglect. I often wonder how many years ago they were first planted.


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